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Social welfare charitable trust, Non- Profitable organization
Helping The Helpless
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1st pre school in biraul, aims to provide Domestic environmental education

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health club

The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.

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100 victory

Service Provided 1. Banking 2. Railway / SSC/Other Competition 3. Computer 4. ART 5. Commerce 6. Science 7. English Spoken & Grammar 8. 10th 9. Communication Class 10. Personality Development

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Computer study has become an integral part of human civilization and as an evolutionary tool in the life process. It has occupied a dominant place in human activities useful in practical life . It helps in business environment or job. Computer student is changing the way we live. But also a holistic perception‐ the rough unity of thought vision and action is needed. According to the Rig veda‐ “Aanoo Bhadran kratavoyantu viswatan ”.computer study is a Decision making capabilities. Computer study is scientific method tech. & tools to help develop our knowledge skill strength potentiality, Working capacity & all internal and external activity.

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JTN (झलक टेलीविज़न नेटवर्क) online news मिथिलांचल की घटनाक्रम और समस्याओं को विश्व मानचित्र पर पहुचाना

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